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Top 10 Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind Off

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Gentlemen, do you know what to put your dear half under the tree? Here are the 5 best gifts for you, which will definitely be appreciated by every woman who loves sex. Chose among these most fun sex toys tested by experienced sex lovers and you could put a hand in the fire for them.

In this list, experts have selected the 5 most interesting toys for women who enjoy a much stronger orgasm with them. Many of them can be used both alone and during a prelude, or with a sex partner. It’s a pretty peculiar mix, but it was made by our editors who tested dozens of toys and these were the most interesting in terms of price versus sexual performance.

Venus balls Whoop

It is a luxurious gift, but beautiful and especially functional. They tested these bulrushes with joy and the result definitely stood for it . Venus balls are made of pure medical silicone and help with intimate sweat (vibrating when the pelvis moves – whether walking) or pelvic floor. He is also recommended by gynecologists to use these love balls to help him (even after birth).

We-Vibe Partner Vibrator

Sensual shape, very powerful 2 vibrating motorbikes, remote control – and especially the ability to use it not only herself, but with her partner in sex, when they enjoy both vibrations at each stroke. We-Vibe 4 is the top erotic toy this year for the entire editorial.

Black Treasure Vacuum Pump

The vacuum can brighten certain parts – and thus increase their sensitivity – for our selection of the best toys we have selected a proven vacuum pump on the vagina – press it gently into your lap and suck in the air. The difference in sensitivity and, of course, the experience is great and you enjoy sex like never before.

The Best PowerBullet Vibrator

Massage loves every woman and this head makes her the most intense in life – she is great thanks to the vibrations of both the back pain and the lazy wedge. And he can make a good ride through his great strength. Tested in the editorial office strong and fast orgasms did not leave for long to wait. And what if the partner cannot move (even the inspiration of 50 shades can be used here).

Sex should be primarily entertainment and not the duty to perceive at times. It is not surprising then that intimacy is fading away and steam is slipping into a boring stereotype. Take the reins firmly into your hands and give the love affair a new one, damn hot charge. Enjoy a wild ride full of orgasms.

You cannot eat spaghetti for a whole lifetime. Sometimes he wants to break through the juicy steak. A good wife who does everything to herself is an imaginary gem for her husband, but it does not hurt to show him that even in that dumb lamb. Or even better, a good bitch who knows what he wants. A simple wig will serve you for that. If you are a blonde, choose black hair, no matter how big it is. Get dressed in something you do not normally wear and wait for him at home. You will see that when he gets the initial shock, he will throw himself at you. But be the one who dictates the rules. Tighten him and give him nothing for free. You will see that you will not forget this night and certainly not the neighbors.

That he’s too stupid? Yes, it is and that is the magic. Your partner would not expect anything from you, so give him what he desires. For wild, passionate and unpredictable women who, when they want something, can tell. We Vibe 4 plus vibrator with remote control is the most successful erotic toy for couples. Your partner will definitely appreciate this toy and you much more. Now you can be connected even if you are not together.

An erotic swing is the very thing that will definitely rid the boredom of your bedroom. Thanks to this game, you can have sex every other time, which everybody appreciates after a couple of years of stereotype. The big advantage is that you do not look at it like a classic wilderness. It’s sturdy, so you can have it folded in the closet, and when it comes to you, you just hang up and you go. Until morning you go to work with a fun smile, you will surely remember us and you will thank us. You’re welcome.

Before we introduce you to individual types of pair of sexy toys, let us first explain the concept of sexy toy for couples, its uses and benefits. Visit for more info.

What exactly does the phrase sexy toy mean?

We answer this question quickly and easily: a pair of sexy toy is the one that brings excitement and pleasure to both partners. It can be a double dildo, but also a dual vibrator or erotic aid with a remote control, simply everything that brings fun, joy and sensuality to a couple’s sexual life.

After the release of the book Fifty Shades of Gray, the demand for sexy toys has grown considerably. Many couples realize that erotic aids are a commonplace part of sex life and that there is no need to hide them in the bedside table and enjoy them alone. Many couples also found that enjoying together is often better.

I have a taste for a sexy toy but what does my partner say?

Even if your relationship is open and honest, it is necessary to discuss this with your counterpart before bringing a sexy toy in bed. It is not excluded that your partner / partner might be affected. Talk about your wishes, fantasies and ideas and give your love space to get used to it. Because it is a very intimate and delicate topic, it is certainly not easy. So let us now give you some tips:

  1. Wake up to curiosity

Do you want to try a pair of sexy toys? Then tell your partner what exactly you want to try and why. Tell him / her how you’d like to try out with him / her. Surely he / she will be very interested and his / her curiosity will be great.

  1. Go shopping together

So if you agree that you want a sexy toy for couples, nothing prevents you from going shopping. We recommend online shopping that is very pleasant and can be done in the comfort of your home. However, please read our advice and information on the advantages and disadvantages of different types.

  1. Take your time

If you already hold your dream pair in your hand, you can not wait to try it out. But we advise you to proceed as slow as possible. First, read the instruction manual carefully, then talk to your partner and start with the usual gentle prelude. Just enjoy the sexy pair of toys as best you can.

How to Properly Use Pair Sexy Toys?

There is probably no clear answer to this question. Pair sexy toys are so different and there are so many that no generalization can be used here. For example, a dual vibrator is used quite differently than a double-sided dildo or a vibrator with a remote control. But one thing applies to all pair of sexy toys – relax, take a look and smile. If you use enough lubricating gel, then your beautiful and exciting evening is nothing in your way.

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