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Only Sex

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let’s talk about sex baby let’s talk
about you and me here in the UK sexual
education is getting a massive revamp
the government are making it compulsory
for all students to learn about sex ed
and they are asking the general public
for advice and watch beyond the
curriculum this is amazing because in my
opinion sex ed at school is very lacking
in information and this is my past the
list of things that I would like to see
included now this list very much centers
on homosexuals and women because I am
both of those things and I think most of
my sex ed had to come from the internet
firstly we need to avoid referencing
homosexuality as a result of sexual
diseases SDI’s and STDs are an extremely
valid and important topic that have to
be discussed
however homosexuality is very separate
in my school the first mention of
homosexuality came from a discussion
about AIDS which is an extremely valid
topic however it brings a negative
association and an assumption that all
gay people have SDI’s or are related to
sexual diseases this isn’t true AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases are
an issue of the street and a people we
need to stop the association especially
towards young people who are going
through a difficult time anyway and
don’t need their teachers acting
negative even if it’s an intentional but
sometimes it also can be intentional and
we need to make sure that teachers keep
their own personal views away from
sexual education now at school I learned
a lot about straight sex and I think I
could definitely practice sex safety if
I was with a man I know how to put
condoms on I know about taking the pill
the coil the implant which is all
extremely important and has to be a part
of the curriculum
however these things did not help me and
I didn’t get any alternatives the only
mention of safe sex the gay people
referred to gay men and they were
basically told wear condoms and yes you
should wear condoms however I would say
Lube is a fundamental or important part
of gay sex for men at least and for
women I didn’t know there was a thing
called the dental dam until I went to
the internet and found older lesbians
who were very thankfully helping younger
lesbians learn how to be safe I think
it’s ridiculous that we don’t talk about
these things seeing as we want to preach
safety and also the dental dam and Lube
are things that can be used by straight
people anyway I think it’s really
important that the government and
schools make sure that everyone
regardless of sexuality are able to
partake in safe sex I think in school we
now have a responsibility I think I I
think schools now have a responsibility
to introduce the concept of gender
identity and sexual organs being a
separate thing so I would say sex refers
to penises or vaginas
or you even have intersex which is both
where gender identity refers more to
what we think of male or female and is
actually a much wider spectrum of
genders but we can start here to keep it
simple and to introduce people to the
idea now you can be male and have a
penis you can be male and have a vagina
you can be female and have a penis you
can be female and have a vagina they are
separate things one of which you are
born with and the other is what you
identify with I think if we started
exploring at this top
and having these discussions at a young
age there will be a lot more
understanding and a lot less hatred
children also need to know that there is
a much bigger spectrum of sexuality than
just being gay or straight I don’t think
the word bisexual was used once in my
sexual education and it is a growing
identity there are also different
identities such as asexual which person
it’s very simplest form that means that
you don’t have a sexual attraction to
other people I have several friends who
identify on the asexual spectrum and all
of them have said to me that until they
came across this word they felt broken
if things like this can be introduced
even just referenced in sexual education
it would make such a difference you
don’t have to explore the idea in full
but if you mentioned these things exist
people will identify with them and they
want to do their own research you just
need to introduce the idea really
importantly people with vaginas need to
learn that you should not be putting
soap in the batch your vagina is a
magical self-cleaning system and if you
try and interrupt that with soap or
other products you’re actually more
likely to damage the tissue please leave
your vaginas alone let it do its own
thing it’s got your back you’re fine and
speaking of vaginas they all look
different and that’s okay
so labias are bigger some are different
colors sometimes one labia is bigger
than the other but all these things are
valid it’s much easier in the 21st
century to end up watching porn or
seeing a graphic film that has a naked
woman and to see this neat untucked
vagina and think that is what yours is
look like it’s not there is no one way
that your genitalia is meant luck and
I’m going to assume this also has the
same connotations for penises your
genitalia is valid and beautiful and you
don’t need to compare it to anyone else
because they shouldn’t be looking the
same they are an individual part of your
body constant now my school was very
good at drilling in the idea that no
means to know which is so true and so
important but not the end of teaching
about consent
just because someone hasn’t verbally
said no doesn’t mean that they are
consenting it is important for both men
and women to make sure that partner is
completely on board with what you are
doing and if they seem reluctant ask
them just because someone has consented
once or you’re a relationship with them
doesn’t mean that they are willing and
ready to have sex at any point you can
still say no even to your boyfriend
fiance husband girlfriend it is
completely up to you every single time
and you should never be pressured into
it is completely up to you every single
time and you should never be pressured
into having sex you never owe anyone sex
finally I think we need a bigger range
of sex ed I think it needs to continue
throughout all the years of school
because there are some things that you
would tell a seven-year-old and things
you want to tell a 17-year old when I
was about 14 my sexual education that
stopped and there are things that are
most definitely more adult but are super
important for people to learn for
example I think that safe words are
something that should be taught to sixth
formers or at college along with how to
clean sex toys now I completely
understand you do not want to tell
anyone below the age of 17 about these
however they are so
so important and the adults of this
world leaving school need to know about
them they both go into the category of
safety and at that case they both go
into the category of safety I think in
that case it is the responsibility of
schools to educate hopefully with the
government and schools stepping up to
make the education system better it
means less people will have to use the
internet to learn about these things
please please please go and check out
the survey below because I think every
voice in this discussion of matters and
it will show the government how
important this really is the survey
closes on February the 12th so go fill
it in now it will only take about five
let’s help shape the world I

anyone who says that they know
themselves or they have found themself
at this age it’s kind of bullshit like
you’re going to continue to grow and
you’re going to continue to change hi my
lien Kelly and I’m a sex ed blogger and
you’re watching Galore TV I got the name
killer I’m a sweet thing from a song
originally but I think it became my
brand because decided that like hey I’m
20 years old I have two parts to me so
it’s like a killer and a sweet thing and
just like anyone everyone has different
sides to their personalities so I run
killer and a sweet thing calm it’s a
progressive sex ed blog I went to
Catholic school so we didn’t even get
sex ed it was the whole stigma don’t
have sex before marriage instead of kind
of giving us the tools of hey if you are
going to have sex this is what you need
to do to have safe sex so I wanted to
kind of create a site that I wish I had
when I was in high school when I was 16
I think what’s different about it is
it’s from a peer-to-peer point of view
so I share experiences of my own
breakups of me getting UTIs of yeast
infections just these normal bodily
functions things that happen to us what
we’re doing is we’re redefining the talk
you get sex ed in your health class and
you’re going to see your teacher the
next day you’re not going to actually
ask them real questions because it’s
awkward and there’s a generation gap and
they don’t understand social media and
they don’t understand how it’s changing
our sex lives and the ways that we
communicate so we’re kind of helping the
older generation understand us but also
I want to help like my generation and
the younger generation like how can we
deal with this important part of being
human I’m a random girl from Seattle
like I always tell people that I think
you just have to believe in yourself and
know that you can do it and just being
personable and being like a nice person
and a good person and being
honest I just want to I don’t know I
want to help out any girls or guys who
are in a situation that I was in when I
was younger

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