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How to Tone Down the ‘Intimidation Factor’ and Make Him Want You

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Dating coaches get approached by tons of powerful and ambitious women who claim that men find their success too intimidating. In most cases, this is simply not true. Men love strong women, and usually, success has nothing to do with it!


However, the biggest turn-off for men is a lack of feminine energy. Most guys are wired to be drawn to women who are caring, nurturing, and feminine. If you feel that men are terrified of you, we’ll show you how to tone down the “intimidation factor” and make men want you!

Don’t Go on Dates With Your Work Clothes

One of the first rules of dating is to look stylish and presentable. We don’t mean to offend anyone, but turning up to your date in your work clothes could be a huge turn-off to guys.


Most of the time, work clothes look too formal, but they can also seem messy if you’ve worn them all day. Also, wearing your office clothes will make men believe that you do not want to make an effort to look attractive on your date.


Here, the easiest solution is to go home when you finish work and change. Obviously, you don’t need to put on a slutty dress to impress guys. However, wearing something feminine and sexy will show them that you’re interested.

Dress Like a Girl

Like we’ve said, you should express your feminine energy if you want to make a connection with a man. The best way to do this is by rethinking your outfits and your style. Most men love soft colors, light makeup, and dresses or skirts.


Again, making yourself look hot does not turn you into a floozy. It’s your birth-right to make yourself look good and feel comfortable!

Let the Man Pick the Restaurant

One way to lower the intimidation factor is to allow the guy to make the decisions. That’s why you shouldn’t insist on dinner at your favorite restaurant. So encourage him to make the decisions regarding the date. Let him choose the restaurant, movie, or any other activity for your date.


That will not only make him feel in charge, but it will also enable you to focus on other things, like your outfit. Moreover, he’ll try harder to impress you because you’ll give him the chance to decide for both of you.

Agree to Disagree and Be a Good Listener

If you always voice your opinions and want everyone to agree with them, you should take a step back. Try to ease up on heavy conversation topics. Some men could enjoy a deep intellectual discussion, but if they already feel intimidated, it may be better to talk about lighter topics.


Generally, voicing your concerns or annoyances regarding politics, work, or similar could make men believe that you’re high-maintenance. They might also think that you’re too occupied with those subjects to focus on the date. Instead, try to talk about things that you both have in common and be a good listener.

Don’t Talk About Work on Your Date

If men already find you intimidating, you will only scare them away by discussing your work. Fixating on your career will make them think that nothing else matters to you. It could also make men feel pressured, especially if they are not as successful as you. Talking to them about your accomplishments and salary could make them believe that you are not really interested in a relationship.


Still, that doesn’t mean all work-related talks are banned. If he brings up the subject, it means that he wants to learn more about you. So answer his questions but don’t try to brag too much, or else he could think that you are a workaholic.

Let Him Lead

Male chivalry is a big part of dating, and men mostly act in a gentlemanly manner to make you feel respected. But as we’ve mentioned, they also love to be in charge. Typically, opening doors is an act of common courtesy that men should show to any person. However, if a guy insists on ordering for you, hailing a cab, or opening doors, go along with it.

Be Warm, Genuine — Be Yourself

We get it — meeting a new guy for the first time can be excruciating! It seems that you never know what to do, say, or how to behave.


If you’re anxious about your date and think he’ll blow you off because you’re too intimidating, just relax. Try to bring out your feminine side as much as possible. That is, you should act genuine and simply be yourself! Most men love spontaneous and easy-going women who aren’t afraid to loosen up during their dates. So just allow your personality to shine through!

Bring Out That Smile

While men are visual creatures, they are not only interested in your breasts, buttocks, and curves. Sometimes, all it takes is a big and beautiful smile to win a guy over. Smiling is one of the best things you can do on a date for so many reasons!


It shows that you’re interested, approachable and that you’re having a good time. Plus, it also makes you look beautiful and lets men know they are doing well. Smiling is a great way to flirt on a date and simply get closer to a man. If your face is stone-cold, people will think that you have high expectations or that they are not attractive enough.

Be More Appreciative

If you’re having fun, always let your date know! Being more appreciative lets guys know that you are enjoying their company. If they do not get any response from you, they won’t know where they’re at. So if they make you feel good, you should laugh at their jokes, enjoy the moment, and express your gratitude.

Let Him Pursue You. If He’s Interested, You’ll Hear From Him – and Soon

Women have become used to taking control. While it’s essential to have an empowering attitude, being dominant on your first date may not end well. As we’ve said repeatedly, men are used to being in charge of a date. It makes them work harder to get what they want and also allows you to focus on other things.


While we’ve shown you some tips to be less intimidating, you shouldn’t abandon it altogether. You should be flirty, playful, and allow just some intimidation to seep through so that you man will stay interested. So don’t reveal all your cards at once. Allow him to pursue you, and you’ll definitely hear from him again!

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